Sunday, August 14, 2016

(HEMTT) A4 - C-kit

The heavy tactical vehicle program selected a C-kit underbody protection design for heavy expanded mobility tactical truck (HEMTT) A4 in March 2011 after completion of underbody testing of two C-Kit designs.

The HEMTT is a family of heavy tactical trucks that includes a load handling system, cargo, tanker, light equipment transporter, and wrecker vehicles.

The Army issues HEMTT to distribution companies and general supply sections of forward support companies of brigade support battalions. These companies deploy units to a new theater of operations, relocate units to new operating sites, establish unit areas of operations, provide supply and transport support, recover vehicles, and redeploy units to home station.

In November 2010, the Army initiated the HEMTT A4 Rapid Initiative program to develop an underbody kit called the C-Kit for improved crew protection for the wrecker and light equipment transporter (LET) variants. The heavy tactical vehicle program selected a C-Kit underbody protection design for HEMTT A4 in March 2011 after completion of under- body testing of two C-Kit designs at Aberdeen Test Center, Aberdeen, MD. One hundred and nine new production vehicles have the C-Kit installed and began arriving in theater in June 2011. The program will install the remainder of the 289 C-Kits on existing theater HEMTT A4 assets.

The HEMTT A4 C-Kit is designed to work with the previously installed cab armor package known as the B-kit. The B-kit provides protection to the sides and roof of the cab. The C-Kit adds additional underbody armor, blast attenuating seats and floor mat, and upgraded steering gear.

Based on LFT&E, the HEMTT A4 C-Kit decreases crew vulnerability to underbody threats. Testing indicates that protection levels up to some mine resistant ambush protected (MRAP) vehicle levels may be attainable.

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