Monday, January 25, 2016

MambaTM Mk5 Magirus

The Next Generation of the Legendary Armoured Vehicle

Osprea Logistics is proud to launch the next generation of the legendary
Mamba APC, the Mk5 – now with more power, innovative tactical capacities,
advanced technology and new, upgraded armour protection.

Faced with 21st Century threats, governments, corporates and organisations
operating in conflict environments repeatedly request the Mamba vehicles they
know and trust.

The latest version of the legendary Mamba armoured vehicle – the Mamba
Mk5 – provides even higher degrees of ballistic and mine protection, excellent
mobility and more manoeuvrability than ever before.

The Mamba was one of the most successful wheeled vehicles designed to
protect multi-role forces operating in mine-threatened environments. Thousands
of Mamba vehicles have been built in South Africa; and most are still in service
in military, combat and peace-keeping operations, across Africa and the world.

The Mamba has a documented and enviable in-service record for userfriendliness, safety, performance reliability and ease of logistics support.

Sound in its ballistic and ergonomic design, it remains the preferred choice in
medium-sized wheeled armoured vehicles.

The new Mamba Mk5 retains all of the legendary design and performance
capabilities of the Mamba pedigree, combined with the latest improvements
and modifications critical for 21st Century combat operations. All this at a price
point that reflects the realities of today’s budgetary requirements.

As the owner of the Mamba brand, only Osprea Logistics produces new Mamba
Mk5 vehicles.
• Combat proven pedigree
• Maximum power, manoeuvrability, and protection
• Advantageous price point

Core Operational Advantages of the Mamba Mk5

The Mamba Mk5 Magirus is stronger and more powerful than its competitors,
with improved manoeuvrability and performance, especially in urban theatres.
Its class-leading performance highlights include:
Top Speed 105 kph
gradient ability 70%
Tipping angle 32.7º
Vertical Step up 600 mm
Fording Depth 1,200 mm
ground clearance 340 mm
range km 800
Turning circle (m) 13.5 m
Payload 3,630 kg
Power to weight 14.81 kw/ton

• Dual layer armour (an effective upgrade from 8 mm to 13 mm). Armoured
back plate on side storage bins and rear door.

• Additional appliqué plates and armoured glass panes can be fitted and
removed as required, in the A + B Armour System.

• Sole adherence to European and NATO components.

• Extreme engineering at an advantageous price.

• Up to 7 roof-firing points, 3 fixed weapons mounts or turrets and weapons
systems capabilities up to 20 mm rifles, mortar platforms, or multiple rocket

• Optional configurations: armoured personnel carrier, infantry fighting
vehicle, fully fitted 2-stretcher ambulance, command and control vehicle
and multi- modal communications platforms.

• Production capability of up to 25 units per month with options for co-located
assembly facilities at client venue.

• Full warranty protection for vehicle and drive train.

• Optional Osprea Logistics operator, mechanic training and on-site repair
and maintenance services.

• Combat protection against anti-personnel mines, anti-tank mines, IEDs,
RPGs and rifles up to 7.62 mm.

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